Frequently asked questions

You have questions about our products or services? We have listed the frequently asked questions of our customers here and hope you find an answer to your request. You did not find your question here? Then send us a message! We will gladly help you.


Where do the ingredients for your products come from?

Freshness and sustainability are particularly important to us. That’s why we pay attention to resource-saving sourcing even in the ingredients for our products. One example is the fish used for our sushi. We are committed to fair conditions in breeding and catching and attach great importance to the origin. Thus, the majority of our fish already comes from ASC and MSC certified sources. We obtain the vegetables used for our products fresh from regional suppliers. In addition, we attach great importance to compliance with international food standards for all suppliers. Do you have further questions about our products and ingredients? Send us a message now! We will gladly help you.

Do your products contain gluten?

In fact, some of our products, such as our soy sauce or our Inari, contain gluten. However, our rice is gluten-free. The possible use of gluten is carefully declared on each of our product labels in accordance with legal requirements. If you have any further questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us!

Do you also have vegetarian / vegan products?

In addition to the classic sushi, we now also have many vegetarian and vegan alternatives in our assortment. All ingredients of our sushi rolls can be found on the labels of our products. Right next to the product name on the label you can see which products are vegetarian or vegan. Have a look here if we have something for you.


What happens to the unsold sushi?

We attach great importance to fresh products and produce our sushi according to the highest standards. Therefore, we give our sushi a shelf life of one day (production time +1 day). Accordingly, the products you see in the display in the evening are produced the same day and can be sold the next day. The following day we have to dispose our sushi for consumer protection reasons. However, we try to keep the thrown away quantities as small as possible. Thanks to the large number of locations, we are able to ensure that each store individually produces the right amount of sushi. We can also react quickly to different customer wishes and regional preferences and can thus avoid unnecessary goods.

Why do you use plastic packaging?

One of our goals is the continuous reduction of plastic. However, the law requires that food must be adequately packaged. This includes in particular the protection against negative influences of the environment. If we were to use paper packaging, the legislator would impose restrictions on the use of either new paper or plastic coating on recycled paper. The latter is a composite material that is more difficult to recycle than our plastic-only packaging. However, we are always looking for new, innovative solutions to this problem and have already found initial alternatives. For example, the bottom of the current action box is made of environmentally friendly bagasse, which is made from leftovers from sugar cane production. Recently, our Poké Bowls and Donburi bowls have been made of FSC-certified cellulose, with the lid made of corn starch. Accordingly, our bowls are biodegradable and completely plastic-free. Furthermore, we have sushi packaging in our stores that is made of 80% recycled PET. But this is by far not enough for us and we are working on new solutions to meet our responsibility.

Shelf life & freshness

How fresh is your sushi?

All our ingredients, from rice and fish to vegetables and fruit, are processed fresh every day by our employees in the store of the respective supermarket and rolled by hand into delicious sushi rolls for you.

How long does your sushi last?

In our EatHappy shops we roll fresh sushi every day and label it with information about the shelf life. We give our sushi a shelf life of one day (production time +1 day). With the date of consumption we indicate, the food can and may be consumed without hesitation until this date. With a longer shelf life, many natural products, such as avocado, would show tanning reactions without further treatment. We could only influence these reactions by using additives, but we deliberately do not want to use them.

Pickup & delivery

Can I pick up sushi in a container I brought with me in the shop?

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to deliver sushi in our own packaging, because non-business items are not allowed in the shop. The sushi is freshly made on site, which means that every shop is by definition a production facility and special care must be taken here. This applies in particular to the hygienic conditions, as raw food is processed. Accordingly, we follow a strict hygiene policy, which is prescribed by law. This is the only way we can ensure that our products not only taste delicious but are also hygienically perfect. We cannot and must not provide this safety for our products with external objects, such as a personal storage box.

Where can I find my next EatHappy location?

Fancy some sushi? You can find your next EatHappy location here.

Do you also offer catering for events?

Whether for a business event or a wedding, we offer an individual and distinctive sushi catering for every occasion from finger food to buffet. Just send us your request directly to catering@eathappy.com. Are you still looking for the perfect snack for a social evening with friends or the next meeting at the office? Our sushi platters offer you a large selection of delicious and freshly composed sushi. Simply pre-order until 4:00 pm the day before directly on site or here online and pick it up the next day in the EatHappy shop of your choice.

Can I also order sushi at home?

Unfortunately not, but if you need a sushi platter for your party or event, you can always pre-order it here and pick it up the next day at one of our many EatHappy locations.

Can individual types of sushi be exchanged on the sushi plates?

Whether due to intolerances, allergies or simply another personal taste – we are happy to exchange individual sushi varieties on our sushi plates. Simply indicate your change request with your order.