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At EatHappy we focus on uncompromising freshness in our ingredients and dishes. Therefore we offer you lovingly handmade sushi and many other Asian specialities. These are created right in front of your eyes in our shops in supermarkets all over Germany.

Mochi Pick & Mix

Do you already know our colourful mochi? Mochi are traditional Japanese desserts made from sweet rice dough with a delicious creamy filling.

And where can you get the sweet mochi? You can buy our mochi wherever you find our Pick & Mix chillers.

Mix the different Japanese rice cakes according to your taste – either just your favourite variety or a colourful mix! Discover our variety of Japanese sweets at home or on the go.

EatHappy Truhe Mochi Pick and Mix

Fresh ingredients prepared for you

EatHappy Sushi-Meister verarbeitet frische Zutaten

Fresh ingredients are the basis of our delicious meals.

Frisches Sushi wird vor Ort gerollt

These are lovingly processed on site into sushi and other specialties.

Frisches Sushi wird in Kuehltheke eingeraeumt

So you can enjoy the delicious variety of EatHappy every day.

Our products

EatHappy takes you on a culinary journey through Asia. Besides fresh sushi you can get delicious snacks like Japanese skewers, wakame salad or poké bowls. Our selection is rounded off by our sweet mochi dessert balls.

Gedeckter Tisch mit Sushi
Sushi Meister rollen frisches Sushi

Our services

With our catering service our sushi chefs will come to your home or to your company event. Alternatively you can pre-order a sushi platter online and pick it up at the EatHappy location of your choice.

Frau haelt zwei Teller mit Sushi

Our goal

At EatHappy we have made it our goal to take you on a culinary journey through Asia. That’s why we offer you freshly prepared sushi and Asian dishes at 800 locations throughout Germany. With a combination of creativity and craftsmanship, we are always working on offering you new creations from the Asian kitchen.

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