What makes EatHappy special

Fresh. Varied. Delicious.

Since 2013, EatHappy has been inspiring customers with an innovative shop-in-shop concept. With more than 800 locations in Germany and others in Europe we carry our concept into the world. That’s why we are constantly opening new locations near you with 150 shops every year. Our staff prepares a rich selection of fresh Asian snacks and delicious sushi for you on a daily basis.

Our goal

Freshness, sustainability, quality

Whether for a snack in between, lunch during a break or as a sushi platter for a convivial evening with friends and colleagues – our chefs prepare fresh sushi creations from sustainable ingredients for you every day. With our shop-in-shop concept you can easily get Asian delicacies during your shopping and convince yourself of the high quality on site.


The EatHappy team

Working and living at EatHappy

Our sushi – step by step

We show you how our hand-rolled sushi is made

Step 1: The nori leaf is placed on the prepared rice.

Zutaten werden auf Noriblatt verteilt

Step 2: Vegetables, fish and other ingredients are now distributed on the nori leaf.

Sushi wird in Form gerollt

Step 3: With the help of the sushi mat, the sushi is rolled into its familiar shape.

Sushi wird in Stuecke geschnitten

Step 4: Finally, the resulting roll is cut into pieces of sushi ready to serve.

New colleagues wanted

What you can expect from us

A job at EatHappy opens up a whole range of new professional opportunities for you. No matter in which area of our company you want to work. In one of our nearly 800 shops you will support a dedicated team in the fresh preparation of many dishes and advise customers on questions, wishes and problems. In our headquarters, you will work with our team on new ideas and problem solutions and have the chance to contribute your individual talents. There is nothing suitable in our job offers? No problem! With a speculative application you can show us how your special skills can complement our team.

A look behind the scenes

Discover the EatHappy world!
Sommerrollen in Auslage am Flughafen Köln Bonn
Mitarbeiter trägt einen Sack Sushireis