Reservation conditions for online pre-orders

1. General

      1. The reservation conditions apply to all requests made through In the process, the reservation is sometimes also called online pre-order for collection in the shop.  You have the option to view, print and save the reservation conditions as part of the reservation in a reproducible form. The current version can also be found at
      2. All agreements made in connection with your reservation / online pre-order for collection in the shop do not constitute a legal act in the form of a purchase contract, but only the non-binding reservation / online pre-order for the collection of goods in the shop. This online pre-order will be transmitted electronically to the respective EatHappy shop. The conclusion of the contract for the purchase of the reserved / requested goods for collection (purchase contract) takes place only in the respective EatHappy shop, in which the reserved / requested goods for collection in the shop is made available for collection. Upon delivery, the contract is concluded by the respective person commissioned by EatHappy with the delivery and the person authorized to receive the purchase amount.
      3. By making your reservation / request for collection, you agree to the validity of the reservation conditions valid at the time of reservation / online pre-order for collection. The reservation conditions and the contract text are not stored due to the system. However, you are free to print the relevant website during the reservation process using your browser’s print function.
      4. Our reservation service “online pre-order for pick-up in the shop” is aimed exclusively at persons with unlimited legal rights as well as legal persons within the European Union. Persons with no or limited legal power are only authorised to use the offered range with the cooperation and consent of their legal representative.


2. Reservation / online pre-order for pick-up

      1. The prices stated in the reservation service “online pre-order for pick-up in the shop” represent the current prices of the respective location indicated under “pre-order sushi”. Since the reservation / online pre-order for collection can sometimes only be made on the following day due to the system, the final prices may differ accordingly from the indicated ones.
      2. Reservations / online pre-orders for collection are made exclusively online at
      3. The receipt of your online pre-order for collection in the supermarket will be confirmed to you immediately by e-mail.
      4. Your online pre-order for collection is non-binding for you.
      5. If you have sent your reservation request by 4 p.m., our sushi platters are usually ready for collection the next day from 11 a.m. at the earliest. Please pay attention to the specified pick-up times and the pick-up time you have selected.
      6. If you do not pick up your items until the closing time of the collection, the order will be automatically cancelled. There are no costs for you.


3. Privacy

      1. Personal data (e.g. salutation, name, e-mail address) are collected, processed and stored by us exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the applicable data protection law.
      2. As part of our privacy policy, we provide additional information on data protection as well as on the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data carried out by us on