For you and your loved ones: sushi platters for special occasions

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The next party is just around the corner and you are still missing the right buffet? Order the sushi platter of your choice here and pick it up tomorrow in an EatHappy shop near you.
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Forever Young

We cannot promise you that you will remain young forever. What we can guarantee is that our sushi platter “Forever Young” offers you and your guests a rich taste experience. Thanks to fresh preparation and natural ingredients. 16 Maki Salmon, 16 Maki Tuna, 8 Maki Cucumber, 8 Maki Avocado, 8 Maki Salmon Avocado, 8 California Classic Masago, 8 Rainbow Avocado, 8 California Cooked Salmon, 8 Rainbow Salmon (88 pieces)

59,90€* incl. 7% VAT
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Veggie Lover

Our sushi platter “Veggie Lover” keeps its promises – 56 fresh, vegetarian sushi varieties that you will love! 8 Maki Avocado, 8 Maki Pepper, 8 Maki Cucumber, 8 California Cream Cheese Veggie, 8 California Cream Cheese Beetroot, 8 Rainbow Veggie, 8 Rainbow Fresh Garden (56 pieces)

34,90€* incl. 7% VAT
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California Dreamer

Our sushi platter “California Dreamer” is as diverse as the California coast. A colourful, delicious combination of fresh ingredients for you and your guests. 4 Nigiri Salmon, 4 Nigiri Tuna, 4 Nigiri Tilapia, 4 Nigiri Ebi, 4 Maki Cucumber, 4 Maki Avocado, 8 Rainbow Avocado, 8 Rainbow Mango, 8 California Classic Masago, 8 Rainbow Salmon (56 pieces)

54,90€* incl. 7% VAT
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Stairway To Heaven

Simply heavenly! Our sushi platter “Stairway to Heaven” with 52 selected sushi varieties is a delicious combination of fresh and colourful ingredients. 8 California Cooked Salmon, 8 Maki Salmon, 8 Maki Tuna, 8 Sashimi Salmon, 6 Sashimi Tuna, 6 Nigiri Salmon, 3 Nigiri Tuna, 3 Nigiri Tilapia, 2 Nigiri Ebi (52 pieces)

44,90€* incl. 7% VAT
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For every occasion

Sushi platters for you and your guests

Are you looking for an individual sushi catering for your next event? Then send us a message! We will gladly help you.

Frau haelt zwei Teller mit Sushi

For your party

Still looking for the perfect snack for your party? With our sushi platters you can offer your guests a fresh and delicious meal.

EatHappy_Treffen_mit_Freunden und Sushi

For meetings with friends

For a convivial evening with friends we have the perfect snack for you! Our sushi platters offer you a wide selection of delicious and freshly made sushi.

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Buffet mit frischem Sushi

For your company event

No matter what the occasion, our sushi platters offer you and your guests a varied selection of sushi. There is something for everyone in our diverse range.

Our sushi platters are also an eye-catcher on your buffet!

Etagere mit Sushi
Salate in Glaeschen
Sushi Buffet mit Salaten und Dips