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Van Thi

Interview mit: Van Thi

Shop employee
Favourite product:
Rainbow Mango

Since when are you a part of EatHappy and how did you come to EatHappy?

I have been part of the EatHappy team since spring 2014 and since then I have been working as shop manager in our Cologne EatHappy shops. One of my friends at that time made me aware of EatHappy. After I had applied, everything went fast and easy. Shortly after my application I was already allowed to support the team.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of EatHappy?

I have been working at Eathappy for over 6 years now and I feel very connected to the company and the people. The ‘Happy’ in EatHappy is reflected in my work. I feel valued and happy when I can bring a smile to our customers’ faces through my work.

What do you do all day at EatHappy?

My work consists mainly of preparing fresh and delicious sushi boxes for our customers every day. In addition, we regularly check the warehouse and the stock. We also have to constantly make sure that the work area is prepared according to the quality requirements and that the work surfaces are kept clean. This is the most important thing when working with food.

Which event at EatHappy has shaped you the most?

The most formative event during my time at EatHappy was the opening of a shop in Cologne. For the first time I met my very friendly and enthusiastic boss and his multicultural team consisting of 6 colleagues from different countries like Vietnam, Korea and Japan. We all treat each other very openly and respectfully. This was a warm start, which I always remember with pleasure.

To what extent and how has EatHappy affected your personal career and development?

Since I have been working at EatHappy, I can spend more time with my family again. I have more free time which I can fill with the people and things that are important to me. Since then I am much more balanced and happy – this is also reflected in my motivation. Here the name speaks for itself: Eat Happy – be happy.