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Interview mit: Sarah

Assistant to the Director Operations
Favourite product:
Maki Avocado

When did you become a part of FCF Holding GmbH and how did you get there?

I joined FCF Holding GmbH in September 2017. Prior to that, I completed my business studies and worked in the textile and fashion industry, including in the purchasing department of a large fashion company in Berlin. As I wanted to change my thematic focus, I gave up my job and did an internship in a management consultancy instead. My boss at the time told me about EatHappy during my internship and advised me to apply there. Because I attach great importance to good food, I tried my luck. Originally, I had applied there for a different position than Inventory Manager. But I quickly realised that this position suited my skills even better. I must say that it was one of the most relaxed interviews I’ve ever had, and for a job I didn’t even apply for. The interview was so relaxed that in the end I was not nervous at all.

What makes the brand EatHappy special for you?

In any case the freshness and high quality of sushi prepared by great people. I am totally behind the product and can recommend it to all my friends with a clear conscience.

What do you do all day at FCF Holding GmbH?

When I moved to FCF Holding GmbH at that time, I was responsible for the introduction and maintenance of the merchandise management system as well as for product range evaluations and master data maintenance. It was a lot of project work. Recently, I joined the operations department as Assistant to the Director of Operations. In my new position, I work much more closely with the area managers, each of whom is responsible for the support of several EatHappy shops within one area. This gives me a stronger focus on increasing sales and implementing appropriate measures. I work as an interface for inventory management, controlling and the operations team. Both my previous and current positions require analytical skills as well as strong communication skills. I am very grateful for this change. Among other things, I am currently responsible for the preparation and follow-up of discussions on the operating result and the implementation of sales-enhancing measures for weaker shops.

Which event at FCF Holding GmbH has shaped you the most?

That was definitely the initial period. The introduction of the merchandise management system and the multicultural cooperation with the Asian colleagues was very formative. Right at the beginning I had to give a presentation on the concept for the introduction of the new merchandise management system in a meeting in front of about 50 people present, including all our area managers. I immediately gained a lot of trust, whereupon I was happy to take over responsibility for projects. For example, I was called early in the morning at the beginning because there were problems with the POS system, among other things. When I know that I am trusted, I feel more quickly responsible and like to take care of it because I want to do my job well.
I was also able to learn a lot about Asian culture and values. For example, saving face is something I really learned during this time.

To what extent and how has FCF Holding GmbH affected your personal career and development?

I have become much more confident about my work because I have noticed that what I do is well received by my colleagues. I have learned how to deal with special situations. For example, how do I have to communicate certain topics or how do I focus back on the real thing? Mastering all this has definitely made me much more self-confident.

What makes the company FCF Holding GmbH special to you?

FCF Holding GmbH has not been a start-up for a long time, but the working atmosphere is still very relaxed. The employees have a lot of freedom in their actions. There is always something going on here and the atmosphere is characterised above all by its dynamism. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and this is what motivates me to come to the office every morning. In addition, cohesion is very important to me. It is above all the people and the different cultures that make up the brand and the company for me, whether young or old, Asian or European colleagues.
Sometimes this is a challenge, but I particularly like the Asian communication culture and the very polite and constructive exchange.