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Interview mit: Melina

Intern Marketing
Favourite product:
Nigiri Lachs

When did you become a part of FCF Holding GmbH and how did you get there?

I am currently in my 6th semester of business psychology and am completing my practical semester as an intern in marketing. I used to get sushi from EatHappy for my lunch breaks on a regular basis and finally found out about the advertised internship at FCF Holding GmbH via a job portal.

What makes the brand EatHappy special for you?

Of course it is above all the enjoyment of the delicious sushi. On the other hand, optimism and euphoria are two points that make the EatHappy brand so special to me. Lightness and a certain feeling of well-being are also part of it for me, but this is certainly partly due to the fact that I incredibly like sushi.

What do you do all day at FCF Holding GmbH?

Among other things, I work together with a colleague to take care of marketing measures for our new shop openings. Here I am in close contact with the retailers and discuss with them possible marketing measures that we could implement for our new opening at the point of sale. Since about 150 new shops are opened every year, there is a lot to do in this area. I am also involved in the planning of various activities, from brainstorming the content, to designing the marketing materials, to implementing competitions. All in all, my tasks are very diverse. We very often work with a wide variety of interfaces, such as our graphics department, our expansion department or external service providers. I was given a lot of responsibility right from the first day of my internship, which is increasing day by day. I am given a lot of trust and I am given a lot of freedom in return. At the same time, I really like the fact that I can work so independently.

Which event at FCF Holding GmbH has shaped you the most?

My initial phase at FCF Holding GmbH was the one that shaped me most. I was allowed to independently research the prizes for our Hello Sushi Summer competition. My idea was to advertise a grill as a prize. I was then allowed to take care of the acquisition and in the end I was able to really put my plan into practice. The best thing was to see the prize I had researched and acquired advertised throughout Germany as part of the campaign. The fact that the results of my work were actually visible and tangible in such a reach, combined with the appreciation of my colleagues, was really cool.

To what extent and how has FCF Holding GmbH affected your personal career and development?

At FCF Holding GmbH I can and may work very independently. The freedom I have been given and the responsibility I have been given has not only increased my self-confidence, but also my ability to act independently and the confidence in my own abilities. I am always supported in implementing my projects and have contact persons who are always happy to help me and answer any questions that arise. I already focused on marketing at university. Now my work at FCF Holding GmbH has definitely strengthened me in my choice of focus and in what I want to do later.

What makes the company FCF Holding GmbH special to you?

At FCF Holding GmbH, cohesion is a top priority. It is a give and take, whereby one gains many exciting insights into all departments. I also think that the commitment and motivation of the employees must be emphasised. Each and every one of them burns for the product and their work. It is a very productive atmosphere and the passion is really contagious. I also find it very pleasant that everyone is on first-name terms and the hierarchies are very flat. This gives you better access to your colleagues. Especially because of this, I don’t feel like a “classic intern” here, but like a full-fledged team member.