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Interview mit: Jawwad

Favourite product:
California Cooked Tuna

When did you become a part of FCF Holding GmbH and how did you get there?

In June 2019 I completed a 3-week internship at FCF Holding GmbH in the administration department. Because I liked it so much, I started my 3-year training there in August 2019 as an office management assistant. My main areas of choice are marketing/sales and the operative business.
I already knew the company because I liked to buy the sushi from the EatHappy shops in the supermarkets at lunchtime. A friend of mine, who already worked at FCF Holding GmbH, finally drew my attention to the vacant position for an apprenticeship as an office management assistant. After I had submitted my application, everything went very quickly. After two weeks, the training contract was already signed.

What makes the brand EatHappy special for you?

In my opinion, the EatHappy brand is characterised above all by the freshness of the products. All employees have high expectations of themselves and their work. This is ultimately reflected in the products.

What do you do all day at FCF Holding GmbH?

During the first 7 months I supported the operations department. I was mainly responsible for the preparatory accounting, such as cash expenses and travel/travel expenses of all shop employees, area managers or regional managers, as well as for checking and documenting the data.
In February of this year, I transferred to the Office Management team, where I will now stay for 7 months. Among other things, I will be responsible for travel bookings for employees and the ordering of office supplies and fruit baskets. In addition, I sort and label all invoices that are sent to us by post so that they can then be further processed by the accounting department. After my time in office management I will support the accounting team.

Which event at FCF Holding GmbH has shaped you the most?

What particularly impressed me is the cooperation among colleagues in the company and the corporate culture itself. As an apprentice, you still have a lot of questions, especially at the beginning. At FCF Holding GmbH, I always had colleagues around me who were happy to take time for me and explain everything to me. If mistakes do happen, it’s good to learn from them and not just be criticised.

To what extent and how has FCF Holding GmbH affected your personal career and development?

Previously, I had worked in a call centre and was not very familiar with the processes of a company. Through the training at FCF Holding GmbH I get a much better understanding of the structures and organisation of a company. For me, the training is a chance to find my interests and to orientate myself accordingly in my career and later on to further training.

What makes the company FCF Holding GmbH special to you?

For me, the FCF Holding GmbH is characterised in particular by its multiculturalism. Many new impressions arise from all the different nationalities. You learn so many new things about the different cultures, customs and traditions. The whole atmosphere is very warm. What I also think is great is the dynamic working culture and the responsibility you are given. The rapid growth of the company offers many opportunities for further training. You are always offered new opportunities.