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Interview mit: Jan

Head of Finance & Legal
Favourite product:
California Crunchy Cooked Salmon

When did you become a part of FCF Holding GmbH and how did you get there?

At the end of April 2015, after completing my dual studies in Business Administration – Food Management, a former fellow student, who already worked at FCF Holding GmbH, approached me and asked me if I was interested in a position in Controlling. Since May 2015 I am now part of FCF Holding GmbH. My first task was then to help build up a controlling department that had never existed in this form before.

What makes the brand EatHappy special for you?

The brand EatHappy means to me, as a shop-in-shop concept in food retailing, to be THE supplier for Asian convenience food. We offer our customers high quality products with a focus on Sushi. Nevertheless, the assortment is constantly being expanded with further Asian dishes. The motivated employees, the high quality standards of the products and the trust we have gained from our customers and partners over the last years, this is the core of the brand EatHappy for me.

What do you do all day at FCF Holding GmbH?

As Head of Finance and Legal I am responsible for controlling, inventory management, accounting and legal issues. My area of responsibility for finance and controlling includes, for example, preparing figures, organising proper accounting procedures, coordinating tax audits and financing the group of companies.

Which event at FCF Holding GmbH has shaped you the most?

I think the thing that has shaped me most during my time at FCF Holding GmbH was my first day. At that time, there was a regulars’ table with all the staff from the administration, where we finished the day together. I was invited directly on my first day and received a very warm welcome from everyone. At the beginning, there were just 17 of us – today there are already over 130, so on my first day I was able to get to know many of my new colleagues and gain a first insight into their activities.
I remember that everyone was very happy to have me with them.
What also amazes me every year are the annual kick-off meetings of our operations department. It is always incredibly great to see how the company develops from year to year – from the former start-up to the medium-sized company it is today.

To what extent and how has FCF Holding GmbH affected your personal career and development?

The bottom line is that my time here has really changed everything. When I started here, I managed an entire area as a single person. Now the company has grown very quickly and I am responsible for 20 colleagues. Of course, this has been super helpful for my personal development. I have learned a lot in terms of content, also in the area of management. I must also say that I always had the necessary support to implement everything as I imagined it.

What makes the company FCF Holding GmbH special to you?

You are welcomed directly and feel comfortable here because the mixture of Cologne and Asian cultures in the company ensures openness and a warm atmosphere. The Asian humility and a strong sense of belonging were very present for me right from the start. The constant search for innovation and opportunities to grow is, in my opinion, particularly characteristic of FCF Holding GmbH.
Many young people start with us. Of course we are no longer a start-up, but we definitely want to retain the advantages of a start-up and combine these with the positive sides of a group. For me, this means that we have to remain agile and the opinion of each individual is required. You can develop in many areas and at every level, you will be encouraged and even have the opportunity to go to other countries through internationalisation.