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Interview mit: Frank

Project Manager International Operations
Favourite product:
Mochi Mango

When did you become a part of FCF Holding GmbH and how did you get there?

After my apprenticeship as a chef I changed from a hotel restaurant to a sushi restaurant in Cologne after a few years, because working in a hotel was not quite what I wanted at that time. There I learned about FCF Holding GmbH through an employee who was in the restaurant for a trial period. He wanted to help out with us on Sundays. I was very surprised at the time, because free Sundays are very unusual in the restaurant business. So I went to the nearest supermarket, which had an EatHappy shop, to get a first impression. Finally I told the shop manager that I was interested in a job. A short time later I was contacted and finally in January 2016, I started working for EatHappy as a shop employee.
As I became quickly familiar with the most important processes and the growth of the company was rapid, I was able to take over responsibility for several shops in a very short time. In January 2018, I was offered the position of Junior Area Manager, who is responsible for the management of all shops in one area. As I had many points of contact with the veterinary office due to our high quality standards, I dealt intensively with the QS requirements of FCF Holding GmbH, underwent further training in this respect and soon trained the shop staff accordingly. Shortly afterwards, as QA representative, I supervised and carried out, among other things, the content training and further training of the shop employees in the West Region.
My goal is to constantly develop myself further. I also addressed this issue in one of our personnel discussions with my superior regional manager in June 2019. I was then offered an interview with the head of the expansion department in the headquarters of FCF Holding GmbH. Now I have been working in international expansion as a project manager since August 2019.

What makes the brand EatHappy special for you?

Definitely the delicious products! In my opinion, high-quality and healthy food to go is the future. EatHappy is for me the pioneer in the field of Asian food.

What do you do all day at FCF Holding GmbH?

In my current position I am allowed to take on a lot: Developing marketing ideas for international shops, project planning/management, conducting sales talks, implementing product ranges and marketing measures in the international shops, etc. Compared to before, I have much more personal responsibility. If something doesn’t work out, I also go out on my own sometimes to help out on site and create structures – a hands-on mentality is definitely required here.

Which event at FCF Holding GmbH has shaped you the most?

The Christmas party 2018, the year in which I became area manager, has been the best event for me at FCF Holding GmbH so far. It was the Christmas party of the West Region. The party was so multicultural and it was nice to see that origin or cultural differences don’t matter – no matter if someone comes from China, Korea, Japan or Vietnam. The language barriers were no obstacle to communication. Everyone got along wonderfully and the atmosphere was relaxed. It was an all-round successful celebration.

To what extent and how has FCF Holding GmbH affected your personal career and development?

If I had stayed at the hotel as a cook, I certainly wouldn’t be sitting in an office today. At FCF Holding GmbH, everyone gets their chance if you show diligence and the will to take responsibility. The fact that the company is growing so quickly means that there are always opportunities to take on new positions. Appreciation and recognition by superiors and colleagues, but also a sense of responsibility are very important here.
Through my work at FCF Holding GmbH I have been able to further develop my knowledge of human nature and strategic thinking.

What makes the company FCF Holding GmbH special to you?

FCF Holding GmbH – that’s all of us. Each of us is involved in the success of the company and here the work of each and every one of us counts. If you show commitment and want to develop yourself further, many doors are open to you and you will be given appropriate opportunities and freedom.