Get an insight into our headquarters. FCF Holding GmbH acts as a service provider for various subsidiaries, including the EatHappy brand.
„ FCF Holding GmbH – that’s all of us. Each of us participates in the success of the company. The work of each and every one of us counts here. If you show commitment and want to develop yourself further, many doors are open to you here and you are given many opportunities and freedom. “ Go to interview
Frank (Project Manager Intl. Operations)
„ At FCF Holding GmbH, I am allowed to work very independently as an intern. The freedom I was given and the responsibility I was given encouraged confidence in my own abilities. I am always supported in implementing my projects and have contact persons who are always happy to answer any questions that arise. “ Go to interview
Melina (Intern Marketing)
„ Since I have been working at EatHappy, I can spend more time with my family and especially with my children again. I have more free time, which I can fill with the people and things that are important to me. “
Van Thi (Shop employee)
Van Thi
„ It is incredibly great to see how the company is developing from year to year – from the former start-up to the medium-sized company it is today. It is impressive to see the dimensions that all this has taken on. “ Go to interview
Jan (Head of Finance & Legal)
„ As an apprentice, you still have a lot of questions, especially at the beginning. At FCF Holding GmbH, I always worked with colleagues who were happy to take time for me and explain everything to me. If mistakes do happen, you are not only criticised, you can also learn from them and develop further. “
Jawwad (Apprentice)
„ Our employees have a lot of freedom in their actions. There is always something going on here, the atmosphere is characterised above all by its dynamism. I really enjoy working with my colleagues and this is what motivates me to come to the office every morning. “
Sarah (Assistant to Dir. Operations)

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